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Security Cameras In Mastic

Home Security Camera Installation Tips: The Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Mastic, NY Home

For years, Avvora Smart Home Security has been keeping the properties of Suffolk County safe with our advanced security camera systems. As a leading security camera installation company, we offer an extensive line of state-of-the-art products and can effectively reduce the risk of criminal activity and increase your safety. If you’re thinking about investing in a home security camera system for your Mastic, NY home, contact the company that countless area residents rely on to keep them protected.

The Most Effective Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Mastic, NY Home

Keeping your family and your house protected has always been top on your list of priorities. With skyrocketing crime rates over the past few months alone, taking every measure possible to increase the safety of your Mastic, NY home, and protect your family is more important than ever before. What’s the best way to increase your safety? By installing a home security system. It’s important to note, however, that the protection that security cameras provide is directly determined by where they are located.

To ensure you get the best results possible, here’s a look at some of the best locations for security camera installation.

The Front Door

According to recent statistics, about 34% of intruders access the homes they target through the front door, and some intruders who access properties via other entrances may exit through the front door. By installing security cameras at the main entrance of your Mastic, NY home, you’ll be able to see anyone who enters and exits your house. This includes potential or successful intruders, as well as family members, friends, delivery drivers, maintenance providers, and door-to-door salespeople, too.

Side and Back Doors

Side and back doors are common entry points that criminals use to gain access to the properties that they target. That’s because these doors are often out of sight from the general public, as they’re tucked away and usually aren’t as well-lit as front doors. In order to detect unwanted visitors who may try to use these doors, make sure to have home security cameras installed around them.

Garage Doors

Garages house a lot of valuable equipment, such as vehicles, tools, and sporting gear; hence why they’re often targeted by burglars. Security camera installation above your garage door is highly recommended, as it will not only protect the items that you have stored inside this part of your Suffolk County house, but it will also keep tabs on anyone who may enter and exit your driveway, as well.

First-Floor Windows

Doors aren’t the only points of entry that criminals use to gain entry into houses that they target; first-floor windows are commonly used entry points, too. As such, having security cameras installed in locations where they can record activity around the first-floor windows of your Mastic, NY home is highly recommended.

Around Your Yard

By monitoring your Suffolk County property, you can keep track of anyone who may be casing your house. Often, criminals scope out the properties that they intend to rob so that they can make an effective plan of action and reduce their chances of being caught. By having security cameras installed around your yard or on the exterior of your Mastic, NY house so that they will record outdoor spaces (the driveway, walkway, backyard, side yards, and even the street in front of your house), you can catch anyone who may be exhibiting suspicious behavior and take action by notifying the police before they attempt to break into your house.

Main Entryway

Security cameras installed in the main entryway of your Suffolk County house will record anyone who enters your home from various locations. Of course, cameras in this area will record those who enter through the front door, but they can also capture footage of intruders who may gain access through a backdoor, side door, or even a window, as they’ll undoubtedly pass through the entryway as they move about your home.

Common Living Spaces

Security cameras situated in main living areas will not only allow you to capture criminal activity; they’ll also allow you to keep tabs on your loved ones when you aren’t home. For example, if your teens or an elderly loved one are left home alone, you’ll be able to use security cameras to keep a watchful eye on what they’re doing and if trouble arises, get them the help that is needed. Examples of the common livings areas where you should have cameras installed include the living room, kitchen, family room, a finished basement, and a playroom. Do keep in mind, however, when installing cameras on the interior of your house, you should avoid having them placed in areas where privacy is important, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, for obvious reasons.

For Expert Home Security Camera Installation, Contact Avvora Smart Home Security

If you’re serious about protecting your loved ones and your Mastic, NY home, contact the security camera installation pros at Avvora Smart Home Security. With years of experience, our team of fully licensed and insured technicians can design, install, and maintain a robust home security camera system that will be customized to meet the needs of your Suffolk County property. We use the most state-of-the-art technologies and will install your security cameras at the most strategic points in your home to ensure the utmost safety. For more information about the products we offer and to find out how we can provide you with the protection that you need, give us a call at 631-765-8696 or submit our online contact form at

At Avvora Smart Home Security, we’re looking forward to providing you with the protection you desire and the peace of mind that you deserve with our advanced security camera installation services.