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Secure Your Suffolk County Home with the Most Advanced Home Security Technologies

Home security systems have come a long way. Thanks to the advent of technology, security systems and security cameras are more advanced and have more capabilities than ever before. With a robust security system designed, installed, and maintained by Avvora Smart Home Security, you can have complete confidence knowing that your home, your possessions, and your loved ones will always be well protected.

The Most Technologically-Advanced Home Security Systems

At Avvora Smart Home Security, we are committed to protecting the homes and families of Suffolk County, which is why we offer the most advanced home security systems around. We offer a complete line of products, including security cameras and security systems, from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our professionally trained, fully licensed and insured, and experienced technicians can assist you with all of your home security needs. We’ll design and install a robust, reliable, easy to use, and affordable security system that you can count on to keep your property and your loved ones safe and sound. Our technicians will perform a complete assessment of your Suffolk County home. Based on our assessment and your unique needs, we’ll recommend the right products that will deliver the most dependable layer of protection.

The products we offer not only keep your home secure, but they also improve its energy efficiency. Operating your thermostat, turning the lights on and off, and locking and unlocking your doors; with the technologies that Avvora Smart Home Security provides, your home will truly be a “smart home”. You’ll be able to control all of the key systems of your house directly from a convenient, easy to use, and attractive touchpad that will be installed at a central location in your home. You can also use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep tabs on your house and manage your home to prepare it for your arrival or departure. You’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your home and control all elements from any location at any hour of the day or night.

In addition to helping you select the right products and expertly install them, our technicians will also assist you with setting everything up. We’ll provide you with a complete tutorial and fully explain how your home security system works so that you’ll know exactly how to use it. We also offer comprehensive monitoring services and can help you keep tabs on your home. 

Why Invest in Smart Home Security Systems?

Protecting your home and your family is more important now than ever before. It seems like home invasions, accidents, and injuries, and other perils are reported on a daily basis. With today’s technologically advanced home security systems, you’ll have complete confidence knowing that your home and your family will always be safe and secure.

Reduced risk of home invasions.
Most would-be criminals case the properties that they intend on invading before they try to break in. If you have home security cameras and warning signs that indicate your house is being monitored by a security system, you’ll stop potential thieves dead in their tracks. Getting caught is the last thing that any criminal wants, and if they know that your home is outfitted with a security system, they’ll steer clear to avoid being caught.
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Catch the bad guys.
If your home does end up getting broken into, your home security cameras and home security systems will be able to help local law enforcement officials catch the bad guys. The footage your cameras capture can be shared with police and your
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A safer neighborhood.
A home security system doesn’t just protect your home; it can protect your neighborhood, too. That’s because today’s advanced home security cameras and home security systems can capture images and detect activity from far away. If criminals were to attack a home in your neighborhood, they know that there’s an increased chance that they’ll be caught if even just one of the nearby houses is armed. When your neighborhood is safer, you and your loved ones will be safer, too.
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Keep a watchful eye on loved ones.
If you have children or elderly loved ones, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on them even when you aren’t home. Security cameras that are outfitted with the latest technologies can be installed in strategic locations inside your Suffolk County home. You’ll be able to check in on your family from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and make sure that they are safe.
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Reduced danger from perils.
Lastly, home security cameras and home security systems can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Many insurers offer discounted rates for properties that are protected with a security system because they’re less of a risk to insure. Depending on your insurer, you could save upwards of 35% on your coverage. It’s important to note that you should speak with your insurance carrier to find out the details of your policy, as the specifics vary from insurer to insurer and from policy to policy.
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